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I really completed the quiz like 4 times but the wiki page which is unlocked at last won't let me post cause I don't see any post option there but I answered each and every question believe me. So I am posting my details please consider it or tell me how to post my details on that page I will do that too

Till then here are details-

Platform type- Android

Email- laxminarain62@gmail

Facebook id- Laxmi Narain Pant

In game- Shinichi

Please consider my result .. :)

Ingame nickname : Dissior


Fb arthur Dickenberryes

No mac adress

name in game ribeirorenato


in game name: Agent Recluse

platform: Android


Facebook Name: Zygarde Perfect

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  3. Ignn. Bobbyjett
  4. Lolipop

In game (nick)name(?):Andromeda


FB:Ratirat Rati Pongsakul

In-game name:Sylvian vaz

Nick -name:King Spider



Facebook: Sylvian Vaz

in-game name: Andrada Boeriu

Nick- name : Richard B



Facebook: Andrada Boeriu

In Game Name : Sunny Goh

Platform: IOS

E-mail :

Facebook ID : Sunny Goh

i finished the quiz. Got all but one right the first time. Fun quiz hope there's more. (Jpg2497, iOS,, Facebook: Jason Garrison ).

i have more planned :) got you entered

Thanks. It was fun.

i forgot to post my email yesterday because it was 1am in the morning here in Asia but i completed the quiz. My gmail is but my SMU was registered at my fb.

Got you entered :)

thankyou. Its a great honor for me. 😊

android platform i am. My SMU name is Rey Caberte. Thanks 😊

my mail

my mail is

got ya

I completed the quiz :) my g+ mail which i use to play the game is

.. i know it sounds doll, but my brother used to use that acount before u.u

got ya down ;)

Thank you!!! :)

I complete que quiz my email is

Got ya :)


registered :)